Technical Information

Quality assurance procedures & safety measures

All our products are certified by the certificates of quality management ISO 9001.

According to this system of quality management, all the products by Variant Factory pass several stages of the control:

  • new products testing – all new lines of the products are first done as test samples so testing department can check the quality and stability of the items,
  • incoming inspection of all the raw materials and spare parts when receiving from the suppliers,
  • “first detail inspection” – each first detail (done on new equipment, done at the beginning of every new work shift, etc.) goes through this inspection, only after this workers can start production run,
  • operational control – control, done after finishing of every operation – cutting, welding, painting, etc.,
  • final control – last stage before packing the material when the production cycle is finished,
  • logistic control – after loading the container / track.

Also Variant Factory Lts. pays huge attention to the personnel skills. That’s why all the staff of the Product Quality Department has certificates of training according to the requirements of ISO Quality Management System.

And sure that all technical processes in the company are going with the fulfillment of requirements of safe and efficient work.