Innovative formwork system - VARIECO

Variant Factory is people. This is one of the main principles of our Company work. The employees of our Company made the first quarter of the year 2018 rather eventful. One of the most significant achievements of the Company in this quarter was release of the innovative formwork systems VARIECO. 

Tried and tested crane-independent manhandled framed system for foundations, walls and columns.

The lightweight framed formwork VARIECO by Variant is a complete system including accessories, which delivers perfect forming performance on construction sites without use of a crane. Sufficient load-bearing capacity and long service life of the Varieco system makes it an cost-effective solution.

Sufficient load-bearing capacity:

  • 60 kN/m² pressure of fresh concrete up to 3.00 m;
  • 40 kN/m² pressure of fresh concrete up to 4.50 m;
  • Can be vertically stacked up to 4.50 m with use of one joint;
  • High quality film faced plywood with thickness of 15 mm. Film weight 240 g/m².


  • Manhandled formwork panels minimize use of a crane;
  • High number of use cycles means lower follow-up expenses;
  • Reduction of expenses by means of restoration and cleaning possibilities;
  • Galvanized or powder-coated steel frames, for long service life;
  • High quality of concrete surface minimizes finishing work.

Easy handling and planning:

  • All the connectors and accessories are easily fixed into the  slots  and  quickly  tighten, consequently forming time is efficient and maximized;
  • The ingeniously coordinated panel widths permit optimum adaptation to any structure.

 Safe use:

  • Accessories such as - supporting struts, wall brackets etc. make for save and easier handling of the system.

 Areas of use of the Varieco system:

  • Wall formwork;
  • Column formwork;
  • Foundation formwork.


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About company

 Variant” Factory Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of formwork and scaffolding for monolithic building in Ukraine, operating since 1995. Variant Factory Ltd. is a part of a production corporation of five enterprises involved in metal working and in manufacturing of metal working machinery.The corporation started from a company for metal sections, stamps and molds production. And as a next step of the engineering skills of the staff of the company Variant Factory started to develop different systems of formwork and scaffolding, now dominating in the market of Ukraine.


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